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Introduction to Digital Painting

Sat Apr 29, 2017, 8:48 PM

Just thought to promote an online course that I teach over at! Come check out my Introduction to Digital Painting course over at Schoolism! Now you can subscribe to Schoolism monthly instead of yearly for what amounts to the cost of dinner: Schoolism Subscriptions for only $15 per month.

If you’re interested in learning about digital painting, consider checking out the 8 lesson Introduction to Digital Painting course that I’m teaching at Schoolism!

Outside of HJ-Story, I’m also a freelance artist doing illustrations, concept art,  as well as teaching online at  Up until now, I kept my other professional art stuff separate from my HJ-Story project, but over the last few years, aside from the emails from awesome supporters regarding HJ-Story, I’ve also received quite a lot of email from many that were interested in art and digital painting.  I thought to take the time to let everyone know about my Intro. to Digital Painting course over that I’ve been teaching for 4+ years.

The goal of this course is to give students an introductory-level understanding of the tools and methodology needed to begin painting digitally in Photoshop. I will talk about how to use layers and create textures, as well as his techniques for achieving realistic colors and lighting. If you’d like to start painting digitally, this course will get you started on the right path!

There’re also many other amazing course from various other teachers, so don’t forget to check them out as well! Schoolism has recently introduced a new low price monthly subscription program which makes their courses affordable for everyone ^__^

If you have any questions, you can email schoolism directly at, or you can always email me and I’ll try my best to help as well!

Head over to check out the new Schoolism subscription system now! :D

HJ-Story is Coming to Malaysia

Mon Nov 30, 2015, 11:12 PM

We're happy to announce our first official book Meet & Greet signing event next month, early December!  HJ-Story is coming to KL, Malaysia for the launch of Vol.1 with Keropok Comics! We hope to slowly being to launch at more countries and able to come visit all of you that've supported us over the years!

Kate and I will be at 3 different Meet a& Greet signing events at:
  1. Dec 5, 13:30PM - 14:30PM: Times Bookstore at Pavillion FB Event Page
  2. Dec 6, 13:30PM - 14:30PM: Kinokuniya  Suria KLCC FB Event Page
  3. Dec 6 16:30PM - 17:30PM: Borders at The Curve, Petaling Jaya FB Event Page

Please do drop by to say hi!
We're looking forward to seeing everyone there!

This Holiday at HJ-Store 20% off

Thu Nov 26, 2015, 12:54 AM

Holiday season is coming up, get 20% off** using code "HOLIDAY2015" during checkout! Please note, HJ-Store would be temporarily closed between Dec 01 - Dec 10.  So order soon to be sure to receive the package before the holidays!

Get your copy of Vol.1,2,3 during this sale period and make it the perfect gift this Holiday season!

**discount applies to all item except "Stationery Gift Set" due to already high discounted price.

HJ-Store is back!

Mon Aug 3, 2015, 10:00 AM

After almost 2 month, HJ-Store is finally back online! 
As part of the reopening, until Aug 15th, get 30% OFF whole order with code “REOPEN30” during checkout*.
For those that did not know, Kate and I were on our summer vacation to Canada to visit my family, thus the lack of updates and HJ-Store being offline. We’ve finally returned home to Korea and it’s time to snap back into reality and get everything moving again!


Quick update on things that's going on!

It'd been almost 2 month of silence from HJ-Story and for those that did not know, Kate and I were on our summer vacation to Canada to visit my family, thus the lack of updates and HJ-Store being offline.  We've finally returned home to Korea and it's time to snap back into reality and get everything moving again!

It was great visiting my parents, the older I get, the more I appreciate and treasure the time that I spend with my family.   The fast paced busy city life style of Seoul to the slow and relaxing days of Canada took some time to adjust but I felt so much healthier within a few short days.  My parents totally overfed as usual and it didn't help that I can never resist and had to finish everything that is placed infront of me.  Luckily, Kate and I joined the gym and managed to go work-out everyday!


This 2 month break also allowed Kate and I to brainstorm and think about what's next for HJ-Story. 

  1. Various side mini-projects!  (Such as...superhero mega fanart poster!)
  2. More Digital contents and items on HJ-Store
  3. Also on the bigger end of the to-do list we'd like to work on some simple short stories / children books!
  4. More CONTESTS and GIVEAWAY!  Follow us on facebook for upcoming events!

Kate and I also felt that we were missing a place to really interact with my supporters and fan, so I'm thought it'd be nice to start a Patreon group, so you can access behind the scene doodles, share and discuss ideas and getting everyone involved in coming projects! 

INSTAGRAM #HJSV3 Contest winner

Our first Instagram #HJSV3 Contest winner will be announced via Kate's Instagram soon!  5 Winners will receive a set of Pocket Mirror!

If you haven't already, come visit and follow Kate's Instagram (KATE.HJS) for exclusive photos and events!

Look forward to new episodes and more exciting updates!

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HJ-Story Vol.1 and 2

Mon Aug 4, 2014, 11:15 AM
Get your copy of the limited signed hardcover edition of HJ-Story Vol.1 & 2 before it's gone!

+Limited time 30% postcard set discount!

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New HJ-Store Open!

Sat Jun 14, 2014, 1:31 AM

It's been more than a year since HJ-Store was opened, and a revamp was way past due. We're happy to announce that HJ-Story has a brand new store -

For those of you that missed the Kickstarter campaign or would like to purchase extra, many has sent us email in regards to how to order the books and now you can purchase the goodies from the new revamped HJ-Story! Thanks for supporting HJ-Story! If you have any questions feel free to contact us or check out the FAQ!

HJ-Story Kickstarter Launched!

Wed Feb 5, 2014, 6:01 AM
Just want to let everyone know that after a much long delay, HJ-Story Kickstarter has finally launched!

Our goal is to create not just one, but TWO volume filled with HJ-Story images for your collection.

Never thought that just preparing for the campaign would've taken so much effort, but I'm glad that it's finally launched, it's been a goal for me for a while time now and never had the courage to really push myself to do it. Thanks for everyone's continuing support during the last few years and I'll promise to continue to create more and more HJ-Story!

Please help share and and spread the love!


Daily POSTCARD SET Giveaway EVENT! *View Details below*

HJ-Story 30% Pre-Valentine's Day Sale at:
Coupon Code "LOVEDAY"


PRIZE: DAILY WINNER of a random HJ-Story Postcard Set.
WHERE: HJ-Story Facebook
RULE: On ANY post created on HJS between Jan 29 - Feb 14.  Just SHARE and LEAVE A COMMENT on the post for a chance to win a free Postcard Set! DAILY winner randomly picked! No other rules! Just don't spam comments :) 

(You're more then welcome to like our page as well!)

Winner will be announced daily and contacted via facebook.
Thanks everyone for their great support of HJ-Story!

HJ-Story Gallery Revamp

Wed Sep 11, 2013, 1:45 AM
I've decided that HJ-Story at Deviantart needs a new revamp to organize the images better.  Over the next week, i'll be organizing and reuploading new artwork so for any one that is watching HJ-Story, you might receive a lot of image updates.  Please try to understand and I hope it doesn't make anyone annoyed :)

In the mean time, feel free to check out HJ-Story at Tapastic for the latest HJ-Story images!

HJ-Story at Tapastic

Wed Mar 13, 2013, 8:15 AM
As many know, I haven't really been able to update HJ-Story on Deviantart as often as I should.  It's really hard to main multiple site (fb, twitter, tumblr,etc) and I'll continue to try but I just want to let everyone know that I've officially decide to launch HJS over at Tapastic and will have schedule update Wednesday and Friday!  

Start reading HJ-Story from the beginning at Tapastic and stay up to date with each new episode update regularly (and exclusive Tapastic HJS art)!

Subscribe to and rate HJ-Story at Tapastic!

Tapastic is a new awesome website dedicated to webtoon. HJ-Story will launch the series starting from the beginning with many NEW and repolished artwork!  It's easy to look back at past episode and keep updated!

Support HJ-Story and subscribe ^_^


Sat Sep 25, 2010, 10:50 PM
I think over the many years of dating and break-ups, if there’s anything I learnt about loving someone and being in a relationship, it’s patience.  

It’s not about how sweet you can be, how much gifts you give, or even how much you’re willing to do for your loved one.  It’s about how patient and understanding you can be when things aren’t going right, when someone does something that makes you angry, sad, or hurt.

If I think over every single argument I’ve had in the past, and the break ups,  most of the time, if only one side could be more patient and understanding, everything could’ve been prevented.  

It’s actually really easy to treat someone nicely, it’s easy to do a lot of sweet things for someone, it’s easy to shower someone with love and gifts.  But it’s so hard, so hard, to be understanding and patient when things aren’t going the way you want.  It took me so many years to try to learn this, and even now I can’t say it’s easy, but I know I’m trying.

In this relationship, I lose in almost every argument I have with my girlfriend. :)  Not because I have no sense of principle or opinion.  It’s because I think that for almost every argument, it’s not really important who wins, deep inside, most of us all know what’s right and wrong.  It’s just at the heat of the moment, we become stubborn, or we let our emotions take over our logic and we argue.  In the past, every time I win an argument, after it’s all over, I know deep inside who was right and who was wrong.  If you care and love someone, try to just let little meaningless things go, sometimes even let the big things slide... just a piece of my mind :)


Thank you!!!

Thu Sep 23, 2010, 1:14 AM
Omg there are...suddenly so many messages in my dA. o_o

Thank you everyone for your kinda words and watches. It especially makes me happy to know that it has made someone else's day. I will keep on posting!! :D

Of course it's all thanks to :iconkangel: for featuring "Love is... courage" for the Daily Deviation... and :iconzemotion: and :iconinperfectioncreation: for suggesting the pic.

I may not be able to reply to every message, but I'm trying my best to read through all the comments!! Thank you!! :love:


About Hj Story

Fri Sep 3, 2010, 9:06 PM
HJ Story started as a blog on Tumblr earlier this year in May.

It all began with a bunch of little photo sms messages that I sent to my girlfriend for fun.  I was never very good with expressing through spoken words, her birthday was coming up and I wanted to prepare a little surprise, so gathered the drawings and made a blog for her.


It was meant to be just a personal blog, but a friend of mine posted it on twitter and I started to get followers, and people that liked the pictures.  Later on my friend also recommended that I share these on deviantART and Facebook as well.  

I just want to say that I really appreciate and thank everyone that spent time visiting this page, commenting and faving.

The Tumblr page was actually my first blog, a simple gift for my girlfriend suddenly became a lot more than what I expected.  I'm not sure where this will lead to, but I'll make sure I keep updating with my goofy random doodles!

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